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  • Martha Pearce-Smith

    Martha Pearce-Smith

  • Mindy Hall

    Mindy Hall

    Feminist, social justice activist, retired middle school history teacher, former union leader, aunt, sister, daughter, friend. My passions drive me.

  • Amber Carlson

    Amber Carlson

    Freelance writer & blogger. Empath, questioner, student of life and seeker of truth. Too many hobbies. Featured in Wholistique, Curious, An Injustice! and DDI.

  • Debra Jones

    Debra Jones

  • julian a

    julian a

  • Bilal Ahmad

    Bilal Ahmad

  • Dusty Craig

    Dusty Craig

    Hippie cattle rancher and dog lover. Independent but slightly left of centre. Atheist ethnic Jew. US Navy vet. Damp Oregonian. IG @morganriverranch

  • Liz Wallace

    Liz Wallace

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